Real Estate Services

The Gilchrist Law Firm, P.A. is not your typical title company. We are professionals composed of a diverse group of individuals that collectively provide a unique real estate law foundation (based both on commercial and residential transactions, probate law, foreclosure law and litigation) that supports closing deals in various languages and approaches.

With over thirty years of experience and licenses from multiple jurisdictions, The Gilchrist Law Firm, P.A. is the only solution for your real estate law needs. We are a team of focused, service-driven leaders that serve clients locally and internationally. Our professionals can, and do communicate with you effectively in various languages including Spanish and French.

Real Estate law is a core practice area at The Gilchrist Law Firm, P.A. Our dedicated real estate law professionals guide clients through the full cycle of real estate transactions. 

As our client, you deserve exceptional real estate law professionals to specifically resolve each of your individual real estate needs. Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction.

Our team serves our clients with the
following services:

  • Commercial and residential loan transactions
  • Condominium Conversions
  • Contract and Lease negotiations
  • Corporate Formation and structure
  • Real Estate title services and closing due diligence
  • Short sale transactions
  • Trust formation and structure

Here are some important questions that clients may ask their attorney, not a title company, to respond to.

There are generally some issues that come up that require providing legal advice to clients in real estate transactions. For example, how should a client accept title to the property; does the client have homestead rights; and what is a FIRPTA withholding? As a result, a traditional title company is not licensed to provide legal advice to the client. However, the professionals at The Gilchrist Law Firm, P.A. will provide competent legal advice at a comparable price to support the client’s needs.

Title insurance protects either a homeowner or a lender against a possible claim of ownership being made against the title to the property. An Owner’s title insurance policy protects the purchaser against the cost of a title claim and the cost of having to defend such a claim. The title insurance policy also provides marketability coverage, which means that it also ensures that the owner can sell his property free from any claims that would be covered by the owner’s title insurance policy.